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Jet Cut Ready
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Jet Cut Ready is a software product that can be used as an extension of Adobe Premiere Pro. It is a plug-in that detects silent parts of video and audio and automatically performs a process called jet cut. Jet-cutting is the process of removing silence from audio or video, which has traditionally been done manually. This work is time consuming and labor intensive. By introducing Jet Cut Ready, it is possible to greatly reduce the work time required for video production.

Proven track record from major companies and organizations

The alpha version of Ready has been introduced for video editing at major companies and has received high praise. Not only for video editing professionals, but also for all people involved in video production, editing work can be done easily and dramatic efficiency can be achieved.


TEDxWaseda University
TV Asahi logo.png
TV Asahi
digital hollywood studio
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After purchasing from the sales plan, download the product from the product download page of the member site.

​Recommended environment

  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2023

​Supported formats

  • mp4

  • mp3

  • ​wav

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