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How to install

how to use

​How to purchase

1. First, go to the sales plan page on this website.

Plan selection.jpg

2. Select the "Beta" plan.

beta selection.jpg

3. If you have an account, please log in. If not, please register.

4. After completing the registration, agree to the plan policy and purchase the plan.

Purchase plan.jpg

5. If the screen below appears, your purchase is complete!

If you want to install it as it is, download it from "To product download".

Thank you for your order.jpg

6. Below is the download method.

Select "Jet Cut Ready for Windows".

7. Press the download button under "Jet Cut Ready for Windows".

Screenshot 2023-06-12 1.15.54.png

12. Extract the downloaded zip file to any location.

zip expansion.jpg

13. After extracting, if you can see a folder called "JetCutReady-win.zxp", you're done!

After expansion.jpg

​How to install

1. The following two software are required to use this product.



We will omit the introduction of this software.

Please prepare by yourself.


This software is required to install plug-ins to Adobe products.

In other words, it is used here to introduce "Jet Cut Ready" to "premire pro".

​ Below, we will explain how to download this software and how to install "Jet Cut Ready" to premire pro using this software.

Please bring your own

2. First search for "zxp installer" and select the page as shown below.

​ (link:


3. Click "Download Windows" to download the ZXP/UXP Installer.

zxp download.jpg

4. Double-click the downloaded exe file to start it, check the checkbox and click "Install"


exe file.jpg

5. When the following screen appears, installation of "ZXP/UXP Installer" is complete!

From here, use this "ZXP/UXP Installer" to introduce "Jet Cut Ready" to premire pro.

zxp installation complete.jpg

6. Drag and drop the folder "JetCutReadybeta-win.zxp", which was expanded and confirmed in "12" of the purchase method, to this screen.

Drag and drop screenshot 2023-06-03 024823.jpg

7. Select Install.


8. Select Close.


9. Installation is complete when the following screen appears! Thank you for your hard work!

Completed installation in Premier.jpg

how to use

1. On premire pro, select “Window” → “Extension” → “JetCut-Ready–beta-”.


2. Enter the email address you used to make the purchase and click "sign In".

3. Select one clip you want to cut and click the Start Process button.

How to use.jpg

4. Explanation of various buttons

Button explanation.jpg

That's all for the explanation!

We hope you find this product useful!

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